Focus on people, not paper.
Provide a great working atmosphere for your employees and increase the productivity and precision of your business. HR Software delivered from the cloud. Free for up to 3 employees.
Nothing to install, maintain or backup. RubySphere can be used from any device with an Internet connection.
No Installation Required
No need to buy expensive hardware or maintain any software. Simply open the RubySphere HR software in any web browser on any device. More
Fully GDPR Compliant
Reunite your employee information in a state-of-the-art security environment that is 100% compliant with all US & EU data protection laws - including GDPR. More
No Training Required
Designed with our users in mind, every single feature has been created to be useful, clever and easy to use. Get started within minutes! No training required. More

Opt for a cloud-hosted solution and reduce your business costs by eliminating on-site software maintenance, sensitive hardware, disaster recovery issues, updates causing disruption and expensive licenses. Nearly 84% of organizations have reduced their software and in-house infrastructure costs since their migration to cloud-based systems.

Human Resources Software

Choose an HCM platform delivered from the cloud and increase the agility and flexibility of your business. The RubySphere self-service is fully customizable, available to all employees in your company and can be used with any computer, smartphone or tablet.

Accessible Anywhere
Take your human resources software with you. Be it on your mobile, tablet or desktop computer, access the software wherever you go, and wherever you are. More
Fully Customizable
Customize the platform and adapt it to your corporate identity and individual needs (language, colors, logo, currency, timezone, custom fields...). More
Permissions & Groups
A wide variety of settings with groups and permission levels allow you to fully to customize the way your employees use the software. More