Communication Tools
Get a central portal for your company news, events and announcements.
Easily communicate important information and create a positive work culture.

Communication Tools

Each organisation goes through a phase or transition where it becomes clear its internal communications are failing.

RubySphere brings a solution to this problem by offering a central portal where everybody can access all the relevant information like company news, events or announcements in one place.
Posting news and announcements to your RubySphere HRIS account is an easy and intuitive process. Publish messages from the CEO, updates about the company or company policy and define to which employees they have to be communicated.
Create a positive work culture by organising events and encouraging friendships amongst your employees. Our event planner informs your employees about upcoming events and allows them to confirm or decline their attendance.
Keep your team morale healthy and positive by asking your employees for their opinion. RubySphere provides an effective way of getting feedback that matters.