Customisable Interface
Not everybody likes our colors or user interface.
Easily adapt RubySphere to your corporate identity and individual needs.

Customisable Interface

You don't like our red? No problem. RubySphere includes a wide range of customisation tools to best match your company identity and your needs.

This goes from the choice of the colors and logo, language, date and number formats to the use of widgets, positioning of page elements, addition of custom fields and the setup of your own access rights.
Easily customise your RubySphere and adapt it to your individual corporate identity and needs.
Get started with the country-specific data that we provide or add the custom fields that you need on the fly.
Reorganize the default layout of the pages to work more effectively and add or remove modular blocks.
Create access groups and use fine granular permissions to define exactly who may access or change what kind of data.