Human Resources Software
delivered from the Cloud
No software to install, no servers to maintain.
Manage your employees from any device with an Internet connection.

Employee Database

RubySphere includes a full list of all your employees and relevant data to them including any information that would normally be in an employee file. This data can be added to, revised, or otherwise manipulated when needed. Our Employee Information Database makes it easy to manage your employees and keeps their data secure.
Data Management
Keep your employee's information such as names, addresses, phone numbers, emails or emergency contacts up-to-date.
Employee Self-Service
Allow your employees to do basic upkeep on their own personal information, such as name, address or status changes.
Data Safeguard
Never lose any data due to accidental deletions. Deleted entries are moved to a trashbox and can easily be recovered.
100% compliant with all US & EU data protection laws
With RubySphere, your data enjoys the protection of the most stringent data protection laws. We are dedicated to protecting your personal data against unauthorized usage and we are fully compliant with all US/EU data protection laws - including the GDPR.
Employee Profile
Keep your employee's information such as their names, addresses, phone numbers, emails or emergency contacts up-to-date.
Job Information
Save and keep a history of all career changes of your employees such as their job positions, compensations and earned bonuses.
Document Storage
Store and secure all your documents associated with an employee, from hire to retire, in a centralized employee document storage.
Asset Management
Manage your company assets such as phones, badges or cars and keep track of who is using what kind if equipment.
Contacts List
Record persons who can be contacted in case of an emergency and dependants who rely on an employee.
Personal Notes
Easily record notes like per example performance and conduct notes concerning each employee.
Store qualifications like languages, skills, the education history or work experience of every employee.
Custom Fields
Easily remove default fields that you do not need or add custom fields to store any kind of information important to your business.